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Jumpstarting SE European Startups

Angel Investor Group


We are a North America based network of angel investors with an entrepreneurial and / or professional business background, who invest into start up companies in South-Eastern Europe (Bosnia, Croatia, Montenegro, Northern Macedonia, Serbia, and Slovenia).

In addition to financing, we add value by actively supporting our portfolio companies throughout the different challenges start up companies face, such as business and pricing models, organizational development, opening doors with potential clients, structuring and negotiating contracts, and more.

At Skok123, we generally favor investing in companies that meet the following criteria:

  • Pre-seed or seed stage

  • Show early signs of commercial success, such as generating revenue

  • Have a product/service and business model that is well-suited for the US market

  • Founders have demonstrated personal investment in the company

  • Founders retain at least 70% ownership of the company

  • Open to flexible investment structures.


It is worth noting that there can be exceptions to these criteria.

The word SKOK means "Jump" in the languages of the region. It takes the courage of that first jump into the unknown to start an entrepreneurial journey, and then finding the right partners to help with steps 2, 3 and beyond, hence Skok123.

What makes us different? We have been there, and we have done that!


We've been there & done that!


We built and sold our companies
Experience selling worldwide
Global business network
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If your startup is in the pre-seed or seed stage and based in Bosnia, Croatia, Montenegro, Northern Macedonia, Serbia or Slovenia, and your goal is to enter the US market in the short to medium term, please submit an application to present to Skok123 Angel Group.

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