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Launching Skok123 Angel Group

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

Many expatriates from the Ex-YU, like myself, are still very much attached to the region, and while we spend time visiting family and friends, we also would like to get involved in other ways. One of those is supporting the startup ecosystem with mentoring, networking help and investments. While there is definitely a "giving back" component for most of us, we also realize that the region is transitioning from "work for hire IT shops" to actual "product" companies representing real business opportunities. These product companies are no longer being viewed as "low cost solution" from a developing country/ region, but are priced on equal footing with for example US company products. They are succeeding not because they are "low cost", but because they have a superior product and/or service.

In the past few years we have seen the creation of Unicorns and some sizable exits in the region. Many of them boot strapped and took very little to no external funding, yet succeeded in building business in the tens of millions (dollars or euros) of revenues. However, the world is changing rapidly and it's harder and harder to bootstrap companies, especially when one is competing in dynamic sectors where change is coming fast. That requires added external capital, and know how.

We believe that in order for a company with high ambitions to be successful, they have to make it in the US market as the largest homogeneous market in the Western Hemisphere. That requires...

  1. Smart money, ie. investors how have experience in relevant industries and/or have experience starting and operating early stage companies.

  2. US market know-how in terms of best practices, business culture, industries, regulations, networks, etc.

That's why we created the Skok123 Angel Group. To bring together expatriates and Americans who have the know how, and motivation to take promising entrepreneurs from the Ex-YU region to the next level. Most importantly we show our commitment by investing our own money. 🚀

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