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Transparency is critical in the business world, especially when it comes to attracting investors. Companies that fail to disclose crucial information about their operations and financial status risk losing the trust of investors and stakeholders. This is particularly true in the case of material information, which can significantly impact investment decisions. In the United States, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) requires companies to disclose material information to investors to ensure transparency and fairness in the financial markets.

Material information is defined as any information that a reasonable investor would consider important in making an investment decision. This includes financial performance, mergers and acquisitions, changes in management, significant legal proceedings, and other relevant data. If a company fails to disclose material information, it can be sued for securities fraud and face significant legal and financial consequences.

I came across a couple of instances of lack of transparency in the past few years in Ex-Yu region. Both failed to disclose material information that would have affected investment decisions. The first company neglected to mention that an accelerator program owned a meaningful amount of equity, which is material information for investors considering investing in the company. Similarly, the second company did not disclose the potential safety issues with their product, which would be important information for any investor assessing the company's risk profile.

It is worth noting that while the legal implications of concealing material information may vary by jurisdiction, the importance of transparency remains constant. To build a successful and sustainable business, it is critical for founders to learn and follow the legal and cultural norms of the market in which they operate. This includes understanding the importance of disclosing material information and developing a culture of transparency with stakeholders.

In conclusion, transparency and disclosure of material information are critical to building trust and attracting investors in the business world. Founders should take the time to learn the legal and cultural rules of the market in which they operate and prioritize transparency in all aspects of their business operations.

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